City of York, Pennsylvania – A Place of Great History and Entertainment

This city of York, Pennsylvania, is a diverse and historically rich city with a long list of contributions to the United States of America. As the site of the first capital and the first Thanksgiving dinner proclamation, York is a cornerstone to current day America.

The art and culture of York are second to none. With sculptures from local artists scattered around the city, live music, and a large array of festivals and events, the entertainment and cultural scene in York is vibrant and full of life. A short walk through several blocks of the city will take you on a journey spanning over three centuries of American history. The community is rich with stories of immigrant pioneers, Revolutionary War heroes, modern-day artists, and 19th-century farmers.

With two farmer’s markets conveniently located in the heart of downtown York, a visit to the city showcases the hardworking and innovative heart of the American people. These markets offer fresh and organic, locally sourced produce and home baked goods to make any trip to York memorable. Visiting the city is a unique but relaxing experience. With easily accessed parking and well notated signs and directions, the people of York take pride in their ability to offer the best experience for those who are not from the area.

Think Loud Development Bill Hynes, CEO and Founder of local company, Think Loud Development, is one such member of the community who takes great pride in his town and cares about the well-being of its inhabitants. Hynes’ successful real estate development company takes on many community projects to better York County and the surrounding areas. He believes in giving through charities and bettering the community through his work each day. “York is a city of great historical significance. Anything I can do to preserve this community and improve the lives of its people is my calling as a business owner.” He states simply.

York is well loved by its people and welcomes visitors with open arms! If ever in the area, stop by, grab some fresh baked goods and enjoy the hospitality of locals. The trip will sure to be a relaxing and memorable experience!


About thinklouddevelopbillhynes

Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes strives to make positive and lasting change in local communities, using real estate development to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and to foster a sense of community throughout the Commonwealth. As company leader and founder, Bill Hynes gears his firm towards projects that bring out a community’s full potential, and to being a force for good for people throughout the surrounding area.
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