City of York, Pennsylvania – A Place of Great History and Entertainment

This city of York, Pennsylvania, is a diverse and historically rich city with a long list of contributions to the United States of America. As the site of the first capital and the first Thanksgiving dinner proclamation, York is a cornerstone to current day America.

The art and culture of York are second to none. With sculptures from local artists scattered around the city, live music, and a large array of festivals and events, the entertainment and cultural scene in York is vibrant and full of life. A short walk through several blocks of the city will take you on a journey spanning over three centuries of American history. The community is rich with stories of immigrant pioneers, Revolutionary War heroes, modern-day artists, and 19th-century farmers.

With two farmer’s markets conveniently located in the heart of downtown York, a visit to the city showcases the hardworking and innovative heart of the American people. These markets offer fresh and organic, locally sourced produce and home baked goods to make any trip to York memorable. Visiting the city is a unique but relaxing experience. With easily accessed parking and well notated signs and directions, the people of York take pride in their ability to offer the best experience for those who are not from the area.

Think Loud Development Bill Hynes, CEO and Founder of local company, Think Loud Development, is one such member of the community who takes great pride in his town and cares about the well-being of its inhabitants. Hynes’ successful real estate development company takes on many community projects to better York County and the surrounding areas. He believes in giving through charities and bettering the community through his work each day. “York is a city of great historical significance. Anything I can do to preserve this community and improve the lives of its people is my calling as a business owner.” He states simply.

York is well loved by its people and welcomes visitors with open arms! If ever in the area, stop by, grab some fresh baked goods and enjoy the hospitality of locals. The trip will sure to be a relaxing and memorable experience!

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Racing for Cancer

The mission is simple, to help beat cancer! In 2015, there are expected to be upwards of 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States alone and over half a million cancer-related deaths.

Founded in 2012, Racing for Cancer is a non-profit organization created by IndyCar racing champion, Ryan Hunter-Reay after his mother passed from cancer. Racing for Cancer aims to raise money for cancer-related initiatives as well as bring awareness to fans and motorsports enthusiasts through fundraisers and information. It is estimated that one-third of all cancer can be prevented or successfully treated with early intervention. This intervention calls for awareness and action. Community fundraisers and participation with charities such as Racing for a Cure, that allows like-minded people to come together for a cause, will help raise awareness and donations, with the ultimate goal of lowering mortality rates.

Companies such as Think Loud Development in York, PA believe in working with worthy charities to make a difference. Think Loud was founded by CEO, Bill Hynes, and funds worthwhile real estate development projects that make a positive impact on communities. The organization has made generous donations to Racing for Cancer and hopes to encourage others to help aid Cancer-related initiatives and other worthy causes that help those in need.

Racing for Cancer has annual fundraising events in several cities with, The Yellow Party being the biggest fundraising event for the organization. With many exciting plans in the future, Racing for Cancer hopes to get people involved in finding a cure for one of the deadliest diseases impacting the world today. Making a donation is quick and easy.

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The Power of Thinking Outside the Box

Some of the most wildly successful businessmen are known to think outside of the box. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and the late Steve Jobs all had ideas that didn’t fit the mold of traditional thinking in their various areas of expertise when they began forming their groundbreaking companies. What these minds have in common is that they were willing and able to challenge the business models for their respective industries. Before Gates and Jobs came along, computers were huge machines that took up entire rooms.

Many businesspeople too often stay within their comfort zone when faced with difficult decisions. Many people fail to consider the unknown, and fear the possibility of failure.

Think Loud Development Bill Hynes & CEO Bill Hynes created his company and its unique approach to real estate development in 2011. Think Loud Development grew out of Hynes’ passion for giving back to underutilized communities in Pennsylvania, and through the unique positioning of projects.

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Developing a Good Team

Synergy is crucial for any team to be successful. Building a team, whether in sports or in the office, consists of gathering a group of people who are motivated to work together toward a common goal. Despite what former NFL coaches and wildly successful CEOs try to tell you in their books, there is no exact blueprint to building a good team. There are, however, strategies that help teams grow together and create the atmosphere of giving and sacrificing for your teammates that leads to the success of a team. In the business world, successful teams are built from a combination of work skills, an understanding between teammates, communication, and the desire to solve common problems.

A leading example for a strong team is Think Loud Development based in York, Pennsylvania. Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes built his team around a common goal: to revitalize underutilized urban communities throughout his home state of Pennsylvania. Hynes and his employees share the belief in offering people and neighborhoods a second change. The team of experienced professionals is motivated to work together to create economic opportunities for the residents and businesses in the neighborhoods surrounding Think Loud Development’s projects.For More Information Visit at

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Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes – Hard Work and Determination

Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, along with company Chairman of the Board Chad Taylor, support those who persevere, even in spite of the most daunting challenges, obstacles or even seemingly insurmountable odds. Both Hynes and Taylor continue to be inspired by those that, though they may face what can be incredibly difficult circumstances, always seem to muster up the will, determination and diligence needed to get back on their feet, and to never give up, even during the most trying of times.

It was hard work, determination and little bit of luck that mainly are responsible for the current success of Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, the founder and continuing leader of one of the best commercial real estate development firms in the state. Founded in 2011, Think Loud Development works to build, improve and revitalize communities through socially-responsible development projects, those that enhance economic viability and rejuvenate community spirit, unity and civic pride.

Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, along with Chad Taylor, are bound by an obligation to both their team and to the communities they serve, something they strive to fulfill each and every day. Hynes, Taylor and the Think Loud team share the work ethic, resolve and determination needed to see that their projects do the most good for the communities that they serve, and are continually pushing one another towards performing up to the higher standard that has made Think Loud should a successful commercial real estate development company. They have a strong desire to help communities succeed throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

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Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes: Possibility over Blight

Bringing new life to buildings, neighborhoods, cities and the citizens they serve has always been the primary objective of Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes, who understands what is needed to transform a blighted property, structure, and even neighborhood, into something of real possibility and promise. An insightful leader and expert in the field of commercial redevelopment, Hynes looks to give buildings a second chance, and to help communities realize their true potential.

Seeing possibility over blight is an idea that drives the continued success of Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes and his team. The ability to see this possibility comes from the belief that company projects, the neighborhoods they impact, the cities they exist in and the citizens they work with all deserve a second chance, a belief instilled in every Think Loud Development professional, and something that continues to serve as the company’s foundation.

Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes is committed to the public good, as well as doing good by every community, and every citizenry, that his company serves. The knowledge that Think Loud has done its all to be a force for positive community chance provides both Hynes and his team an immense amount of satisfaction; the reward that can only come from doing something truly extraordinary and beneficial for a community in so much need.

Bill Hynes and his team currently manage over 450 thousand square feet of construction in the state of Pennsylvania. Total company investments are presently over $50 million.

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Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes – Compassionate Business Professional

Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes is known as a caring and compassionate business professional, someone who is constantly striving to be a force for positive and enduring change in local communities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The founder and leader of Think Loud Development since 2011, Hynes works towards looking past urban blight in an effort to identify a property’s true potential, and to transform urban neighborhoods into places local citizens can take pride and succeed in for many years to come.

A leader in socially responsible commercial real estate, Think Loud Development Bill Hynes is proud to devote both himself, and his firm, to projects that effectively serve to instill civic pride, enhance local culture and create a stronger community environment. Both Hynes and his firm have been involved in highly-publicized urban revitalization projects throughout Pennsylvania, including Reading, York and Allentown, those that have demonstrated, time and again, his company’s commitment to serving underserved areas and populations throughout the state.

Commercial real estate development, as Think Loud Development CEO Bill Hynes knows, should always be about more than turning a profit. Real estate developers are in a unique position to make a powerful and positive difference not only for disadvantaged communities, but also for their residents, and should always do their best to engage in projects that will serve to support and enhance community health and strength for people for many years to come. Socially responsible development helps to brighten a community’s future, bringing out an area’s potential for success and prosperity well into the future.

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